Dr. James C. McCool is an urologist in Texas, USA, and is affiliated with the hospital in the area


  1. best way to get better ejaculations is to take more zinc with food, but supplements simply work because of the concentration of amino acids and zinc

  2. I really like semenax for its fast results. I’ve been taking the pills for 4 months(it’s better to buy on semenax.com) and my ejaculations become stronger, the sperm amount is increased by 3x times and I did not finish my 4th months yet. So I am very pleased and impressed by this formula. This is a real sperm enhancer

    1. That is great Results, George. You should keep taking Semenax for 3-4 months to see better results. You can get 15% off using discount code SAVE15 for the limited time. Click here to place an order officially

  3. did not see much effect of semen production, I have no time to follow the diet as everybody suggest so any other ideas?

    1. You should take Semenax at least 3-4 months to see the increase in semen volume. It is possible to get 4-5 times more semen in 6-12 months period. You can save on the 6 and 12 months package.

  4. semenax contains a lot of male enhancement inggredients, i saw the erection improvement but the sperm volume changes are minimal as for me, may be I need more time or another formula like volumepills

  5. I was really nervous because I could not improve my sperm volume by taking these pills for a month or so, but I continued to take 2 tablets every day. The results could be seen in 2 months and they improve with time, so don’t panic, semenax is a great product. I saw a lot of fakes at amazon and GNC, so go directly to semenax.com to place an order.

  6. I bought only 1 month to try, so I don’t understand its effect, now I plan to buy more bottles or volume pills. Just want to say that I did not have much effect after 30 days but the erections become harder so I will order more to see the effect

  7. If you look closer at the semenax formula, you’ll see that it contains pure L-Arginine HCL and L-lysine – both help to produce more semen. I tried to take those extracts separately with no success at all, but semenax also includes Epimedium Sagittatum, L-Carnitine for better results and this formula is really effective and works well for some men. I hate my regular ejaculation, that’s why cum shots was my real dream and semenax makes my sperm loads harder, the minimum results 4x time more semen, but do not forget to take it regularly and improve the dosage with time if you see no effect

  8. not really satisfied because you need a lot of time to get the results, i bought only 1 bottle and there is nothing I can say except – that’s not enough time

  9. Huge cum shots is the effect after taking semenax. This is what I see after 3 months of taking the supplement. But do not forget about the diet, i have visited my doctor and he said you need to avoid taking any drugs for male enhancement because they do not help to improve semen count

  10. too much noise about semenax and volume pills, the formulas are identical and price is a bit high but the effect is visible, i take 3-4 pills daily for 3 months and the overal ejaculations became juicy, a few cum shots a week, looks amazing))

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