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Public Tenders

Management & Operation of Marib President Hospital

Deadline for submission: September 27, 2006
Tender fees: $500

The Marib President Hospital has been equipped through a grant within the framework of the mutual and bilateral relations between the two friendly countries; Republic of Yemen and United States of America.

The hospital is situated in Marib Governorate in proximity to several governmental institutes and has a capacity of 200 beds. It is expected that the hospital will offer quality health services in the following specialties; Primary Health Care; Emergencies and Accidents; Internal Medicine; Surgery; Pediatric Care and Obstetrics & Gynecology, Orthopedics, Eye surgery, ENT, Vascular Surgery, Neurology and Brain surgery, Maxillofacial Surgery, Urology, others. 

The hospital was been partially operating for a year and the beneficiaries include the inhabitants of Marib and neighboring Governorates. The population of Mareb reaches to 255,000 (2004 census) and the health situation in the Governorate does not differ from other places in Yemen. Preventive and curative services offered by the hospital are expected to play a substantial role in relief of the burden of these diseases.

To assure the fulfillment of the aim of provision of the expected services in the hospital the Ministry of Public Health & Population (MoPHP), Republic of Yemen, has received a grant from United States to contract a an experienced management consulting firm to operate the hospital for the period of two years beginning September 2006.

Accordingly, the following terms of reference have been developed for the purpose of inviting regional and international management firms / organizations to bid for a tender of offering management and operation service for the hospital.