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Population Sector

Main Duties of the Population Sector:

  1. Proposing policies and plans for the sector
  2. Preparing the annual financial and human resources plan
  3. Running the activities of the sector and managing all the general departments in her sector
  4. Administrating and implementing all health programs related to her sector and preparing the budgets of the activities
  5. Follow up and evaluation for all the GD in her sector and proposing the necessary adjustments
  6. Instructing and training her employees to implement the duties of her sector
  7. Facilitating the procedures and work in her sector
  8. Proposing cooperation plans for joint work with international organizations and other countries
  9. Allocating the necessary training requirements for promoting her sector
  10. Presenting technical reports about the activities of her sector and also all financial reports regarding the regular activities of her sector
  11. Conducting any duties that might be required according to the constitution and laws

General Departments within the Population Sector:

  • The General Department for Reproductive Health
  • The General Department for the National Centre for Health Advocacy and Population
  • The General Department for Women Affairs