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Minister of Health

Prof. Dr. Reyad Yassin Abdulla

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Dr. Reyad Yassin Abdulla

Ministry of Public Health & Population - Yemen Building, Ministry of Public Health & Population Street, Yemen, reyadabdulla@hotmail.com, Tel: 009671257775, Mob: 00967734447624

Management and Leadership Experience:

November 2014   Minister of Public Health & Population, Ministry of Public Health & Population, Yemen

  • Appointed as Minister in new cabinet formed this month.


July 2013-Present    President British University of Yemen, Yemen

  • Lead in the establishment of this University and oversee all its operations, including academic affairs, international initiatives, enrollment and student life. Also responsible for setting future goals and directions for this new but thriving university.
  • As the national and international ambassador for the university community, currently building links with British Universities in other countries.


March 2013-Present    Head of Healthcare Team   National Dialogue Conference, Yemen

  • Effective leadership of the team has led to the agreement by the Yemen government of establishing an independent healthcare institution, based on the British NHS model, and the submission of the team’s report before the deadline.

March 2011-Present    Director    International Healthcare Limited

  • Provide consultancy and undertake joint ventures for Healthcare enterprises in the UK, Europe and the Middle East, including the setting up of a Urology Centre in Cairo, Egypt.


May 2012-Present    Adviser    Yemeni Ministry of Health

  • Advise the Minister of Health and Population on policy, cooperation with Europe and the UK and establishing effective systems in Yemen.


April 2012-August 2012   Consultant        Merlin Healthcare Charity

  • Advised on the most effective strategies for establishing the organisation in Yemen and actively took part in hands-on operations, which included field trips and advocating on behalf of Merlin.
  • Developed a relationship between the organisation and relevant government bodies and contacts which led to tangible results, including the registration of the charity in three days when normal time is 8 months.


Academic experience:

1999-2010    Academic Consultant, UAE Technical Training Project (UK)

  • Promoted from Academic Advisor to Academic Consultant (Head of Department).
  • Directed and managed the group by: delegating tasks according to skill; instilling a sense of direction; enhancing communication in the group by creating an open and less hierarchal environment.
  • Created long standing relationships with the admission departments of 70 universities in the UK.
  • Continue to provide academic consultancy to students from the UAE and developing relationships with these academic institutions.
  • Supervised the students throughout their education by being fully informed of their exams results and general progress, creating personal relationships with them and resolving any issues accordingly.
  • Managed the student allowances and scholarships of each student, allocating given resources and reporting back to GHQ.
  • Awarded for my dedication and commitment to my work.


1996-1999 Academic Advisor, UAE Technical Training Project (UK)

  • Registered and lead the applications of post and undergraduate students to UK universities.
  • Supported students through any emotional or academic difficulties, and sought practical solutions, for example, appointing tutors when it would benefit the student.
  • Organised military courses for UAE nationals at Sandhurst, and other military schools. Liaised with the UK Ministry of Defence to do this.


Project Management

2006- 2010   Hospital Project Consultant, 22 Mayo Hospital, Hodaidah, Yemen

  • Advised on the main priorities of the hospital and translated this into concrete governance policies.
  • With a budget of $15 million, found and coordinated the purchase of new equipment and technology from around the world.  


2002-2007 Hospital Project Consultant, Science and Technology Hospital, Sana’a, Yemen     

  • Set up policies and management strategies, for example, the formalisation of doctor/patient relationships.
  • Led negotiations with contractors such as Apollo Hospitals and International Hospital Groups UK.
  • Liaised with the Ministry of Health in Yemen.
  • Often return to hold training workshops with nurses, administrators and doctors.
  • Continue to make monitoring visits and recruit doctors from overseas.
  • Worked with a budget of $27 million.


April 2011-Present Political Analyst, BBC Arabia, Al Arabiya, Iraqi News TV.

  • Provide analysis on the political situation in Yemen.
  • Ensure that information is conveyed clearly by using appropriate language for the audience.



1994-1996 Medical Officer, UAE Technical Training Project (UK)

  • Organised and supervised the medical treatment of UAE Nationals in UK hospitals.
  • Coordinated any follow-ups and further medical treatment required in the UAE.
  • Conducted audit and analysis reports of UAE Nationals’ medical needs.


1991-1997 Physician, NHS Hospitals (UK)

  • Held various Urology NHS posts.
  • Developed my clinical and organizational skills.
  • Undertook postgraduate training.


1984-1990 Resident Doctor, Kuwait Hospitals

  • Urologist in the military hospital.
  • Worked as a Resident Doctor in Mubarak Al Kabeer Hospital.
  • Taught Medical Students and Part 1 FRCS candidates in the University of Kuwait.


1991-1998 Voluntary Clinical Assistant, Harley Street Clinic and London Clinic

  • Shadowed and assisted Urologists in surgery and stone management.
  • Gained experience of the running of a private company in the UK.



2011-2013 MA in Management Studies, Kingston University

  • Dissertation was on how to make the Queen Elizabeth II Hospital, Aden, a success again.

2011-2012 Postgraduate Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership, The LCUCK

1996-2010 Medical Education, UK and Ireland

  • Attended various courses, seminars and workshops on Medical Education.

1992-1997 Post Doctoral, University College London, UK

  •  Studied at the Institute of Urology and Nephrology, London

 1987-1989 Hungarian Specialist Certificate, Hungary

1975-1983 MBBS, Budapest/Aden



  • Reading, Shooting, Football.
  • Member of the European Association of Urology and the Institute of Healthcare Management.
  • Attending medical exhibitions around Europe and the Middle East.



  • Arabic, English and Hungarian.


References available upon request