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Free Medical Camps

campFree medical camps is a program in ministry of public health and population which aim to provide free medical and surgical services in remote area with high population by a mobile team with varieties of medical specializing.



The objectives:

  1. Provide free and  high quality medical services in different field for poor Population.
  2. Working as emergency team in disasters
  3. Rise health awareness among the community and how to deal withcommunicable and non communicable diseases.
  4. Participation of postgraduate and local staff in surgical , medical and research areas.
  5. Registration of rare and sever cases and refer to specialized centers.
  6. Evaluate the hospital situation and determine the obstacles and challenges and to  work on solving there  problems.
  7. Colabaration with doctors outside Yemen to do joint medical and surgical camps.
  8. Coordination and supervision of medical camps in Yemen.


 Phases of preparation of medical camp

Included specialties in the free medical camps