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Under the Publications section you will find many articles and resources related to the health sector in Yemen. Donors active in Yemen may also be found in the Donor Project Survey database. Other on-line resources are listed below.

Other Sources

NGOs and International Organizations in Yemen

  • Catalyst Consortium - Leaders in global reproductive health and family planning. CATALYST is designed to disseminate and help scale-up proven models of effective family planning/reproductive health service delivery. The project provides technical assistance to identify underutilized channels and strengthen intersectoral partnerships for improved service delivery and information. Possible areas of intervention include family planning/reproductive health education and outreach, adolescent programs, counseling and referral through non-clinical channels, women's/community empowerment, and strengthening public-private and NGO-private commercial partnerships.
  • Cooperazione Internazionale (COOPI) - an Italian non-governmental organization founded in 1965. We carry out development programs and emergency interventions in Africa, Latin America, Asia and the Balkans. We organize activities in Italy to foster the knowledge and the exchange among different cultures.
  • European Commission
    The European Commission embodies and upholds the general interest of the European Union and is the driving force in the Union's institutional system. Its four main roles are to propose legislation to Parliament and the Council, to administer and implement Community policies, to enforce Community law (jointly with the Court of Justice) and to negotiate international agreements, mainly those relating to trade and cooperation.
  • German TB and Leprosy Relief Association (GLRA) - employs 60 full and part-time workers in the central headquarters in Wuerzburg, and in its Muenster, Berlin and Magdeburg regional branches, which are mainly for public relations and fundraising activities. GLRA/DAHW also has 13 overseas representatives offices and is a founding member of ILEP, the International Federation of Anti-Leprosy Associations.
  • Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES), Yemen Office - established 1999. The Foundation's activities in Yemen are part of the regional project entitled: "Promotion of Democracy in the Middle East". The Sana´a Office is supervised by the Foundation's regional representative in Amman, Jordan and is headed by a Yemeni local staff.
  • International Development Association (IDA) - part of the World Bank that helps the earth’s poorest countries reduce poverty by providing interest-free loans and some grants for programs aimed at boosting economic growth and improving living conditions.
  • KfW Group - Yemen is not only a target country of German Development Cooperation but was also selected by the German government in 2001 as one of four pilot countries for the so-called 'Action Programme 2015', which aims to halve poverty by the year 2015. More information is available in our country brochure on Yemen (available in German only), which you may download as a PDF file from our online library.
  • Pathfinder International - Pathfinder International is managing partner in the CATALYST Consortium, a global reproductive health initiative launched in 2002 and funded by the Office of Population and Reproductive Health, Bureau for Global Health, and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID).
  • SAR Project
    Support for Administrative Reform (SAR) is a project, fully funded by the European Union within the context of the Partnership Cooperation Agreement between the Republic of Yemen and the European Community. It falls within the framework of the Civil Service Modernisation strategy (CSMS). The overall objective of the project is to support reorganisation and improved service delivery in three pilot ministries: . The Ministry of Public Health and Population . The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs . The Civil Aviation and Meteorology Authority. In addition the project will assist the Ministry of Civil Service and Insurance to coordinate and support the implementation of the Civil Service Modernisation Strategy, a comprehensive reform programme supported by the World Bank and other donors, including the Netherlands Government.
    This worldwide technical support contract provides health commodity logistics support to USAID's family planning, HIV/AIDS, child survival, and other health initiatives to improve the availability of commodities including contraceptives, condoms, and other essential drugs at service delivery points.
  • USAID PHRplus Project
    The Partners for Health Reformplus (PHRplus) project is the U.S. Agency for International Development's flagship project in health policy and systems strengthening. USAID looks to PHRplus to provide technical assistance in, and to help maintain, USAID's worldwide leadership role in health care reform, health policy, management, health financing, and systems strengthening. This project will continue its close working relationships with NGOs and USAID cooperating agencies, international and developing country partner organizations, including the World Bank, WHO, UNICEF, bilateral donors, PVOs, foundations, universities, and host country government agencies.
  • World Health Organization, Yemen - WHO missions and programs in Yemen

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