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Al-Thawra Modern General Hospital

Do you know that thousands of patients die every year because of cardiac disorders? This enigma is gradually increasing day by day. Health care has always been neglected on this global village but now the time has come to revolutionize it and there is a latent demand for it to make life healthier. To make this dream true, almost all around the world, health care providers are putting their valuable efforts in the field of cardiac sciences to improve the quality of life.

The Al-Thawra Modern General Hospital is a 500 bedded mutispeciality hospital, which is governed by Ministry of Health & Population, Republic of Yemen and located in the heart of the capital of Yemen. The Al-Thawra Modern General Hospital has also extended its steps to provide quality health care in and around the community of Yemen among heart patients on a very economical and affordable cost.

About the Cardiac Center

The Al-Thawra Modern General Hospital has recently established a state of the art cardiac center over a land of approximately 25,000 square feet, which comprises an operation theatre, a cardiac catheterisation laboratory, eight-bedded intensive care unit and other support services (central sterile supply department (CSSD), stat lab, etc). The cardiac center has a team of fully dedicated and highly professional staff in cardiology, cardiac surgery, administrative, nursing and technical to provide proper health care to heart patients through quality assurance. The cardiac center has collaborated with Asia Heart Foundation, Bangalore, India, a "not for profit" charitable organization and one of the largest heart groups, not only in India, but also abroad. Asia Heart Foundation has sent a team of 22 highly qualified and trained professionals to perform cardiac surgeries, which comprises a cardiac surgeon, cardiac anaesthesiologist, perfusionist, administrative and nursing staff.

Cath Lab: The cath lab of cardiac center is equipped enough to perform all types of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures; for example: PTCA, valvoplasty, coronary & peripheral angiography, haemodynamics studies etc.

Operation Theatre: The fully equipped operation theatre is capable to perform two cardiac surgeries in a day like coronary artery bypass graft (CABG), mitral & aortic valve replacements (MVR/AVR), PDA ligation, ASD, VSD and other congenital & acquired heart complications in both adults and paediatric patients.

Cardiac Center Staff

The cardiac center has a team of highly trained doctors, anaesthesiologist, perfusionist, administrative, technical and nursing staff.


  • Dr. Mohd. Al-Naomi
  • Dr. Ahmed Muttareb
  • Dr. Khaliq Annonu
  • Dr. Abdul Kader Abbas
  • Dr. Mohd. Al-Ansi
  • Dr. Mohd. Al-Kibsi
  • Dr. Nour Addin Al-Jaber
  • Dr. Abdul Malik Sharaf
  • Dr. Mohd. Al-Kumaim
  • Dr. Abdul Karim Thamer
  • Dr. Aziz Jindani
  • Dr. Mohd. Shamshan

Cardiac Surgery Staff

  • Dr. Govinda Kubal
  • Dr. Manoj Kumar Sahu
  • Mr. Sunil Kumar
  • Dr. Abdul Aziz
  • Dr. Abdulla Al-Shaibani
  • Dr. Makhtari
  • Dr. Musleh
  • Dr. Bayan
  • Dr. Dirham

The Extension of the Cardiac Center

The cardiac center is now extending its services to maximum number of heart patients in community by expanding its infrastructural set-up on approximately 50,000 square feet of land. The new extension of cardiac center would comprise of two more operating theatres, a ten-bedded intensive care unit. This new extension will be having 54 beds in wards, which will be further classified into Deluxe, Private, Semi Private & General wards. Not only this, this extension will function as a centralized system by involving all clinical, support and utility services.

Blood Bank: The new extension of cardiac center would be having a fully equipped blood bank and would be enriched with experienced manpower. It would provide round the clock blood support to the cardiac center.