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Maps & Data

Health Facility Viewers

The results of five governorates surveyed are now available via on-line viewers. These map-based viewers contain individual health facility listings and photos, as well as governorate and district level aggregate information.

Geo Datasets

With support from USAID, the Ministry is collecting and assembling cleaned and georeferenced administrative boundaries, physical maps, and health-related geographical information. These datasets may be downloaded in Geodatabase (.mdb, Access 2003) or ArcGIS Shapefile (.shp) format. You need ArcView or ArcCatalog to view the maps or access the data. Please note that the Shapefiles are made available for your convenience, but this format does not fully support Arabic script.

  • Administrative boundaries. Last update May 2006 by Yemen Ministry of Local Administration (MOLA). Original shapefiles created in early 1990s by the Central Statistical Organization (CSO), scanned from 50k maps produced in 1986.

  • Road network. Dataset created by Central Statistical Organization in the early 1990s from scanned 50km maps.

  • Wadies. Digitized by YemenDot from Robertson Group PLC topo maps (1:1,000,000). Maps produced in 1990.

  • Villages. 2004 population point data coverage based on 2004 governorate level data, population projections in 2003, and previous 1994 Census village data obtained from Yemen Central Statistics Organization (CSO).  In addition to the 2004 data being more current than the original 1994 data, the 2004 population data have categories for gender and five age groups in five specific governorates: Al Jawf, Amran, Marib, Sa’adah, and Shabwah. These data will be replaced when more comprehensive 2004 Census results are available from CSO for these areas and the remainder of Yemen governorates. Additional documentation is available.

  • Health facilities. Health facility locations come from two MoPHP surveys. Currently, facilities in Amran, Al Jawf, Marib, Shabwah, and Sa'adah are available from the 2004/2005 health facility survey supported in part by USAID. Health facility survey results for other Governorates will be posted to this Website as the data becomes available. This data set includes facilities in other governorates based on modified 1998 CSO health facility survey data prepared by the Social Fund for Development (SFD). Note that the SFD survey did not use GPS to locate facilities; the locations are the nearest village to the facility, based on CSO village information. FacilityIDs can be used to join this dataset to the relevant surveys.
Files to download
Description Geodatabase Shapefile
Administrative boundaries gdb_yemen.zip (636 KB) shp_yemen.zip (596 KB)
Road network gdb_roads.zip (1,721 KB) shp_roads.zip (1,613 KB)
Wadies gdb_wadies.zip (1,895 KB) shp_wadies.zip (1,803 KB)
Villages gdb_villages_1994.zip (8,437 KB)
gdb_villages_2004.zip (7,691 KB)
shp_villages_1994.zip (3,950 KB)
shp_villages_2004.zip (4,521 KB)
Health facilities gdb_health.zip (135 KB) shp_health.zip (77 KB)
  • Administrative codes. Official numeric codes and designations for governorates, districts, and villages in both English and Arabic in Excel format. xls_codes.zip (.xls, Excel, 534 KB)

Health Facility Datasets

  • USAID Health Facility Surveys for five governorates. 1998 inventory of all private and public health facilities in each district. The data include facilities, beds, drugs, equipment, diseases, workers, sanitation for Amran, Al Jawf, Marib, Sadah and Shabwah. Data compiled by USAID Yemen mission. USAID_health.zip (.mdb, Access 2002, 2,682 KB)

  • SFD Health Facility Surveys. Data compiled by the Social Fund for Development for the governorates not covered in the USAID data. SFD_health.zip (.mdb, Access 2003, 85 KB)