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What is Yemeni Human Resources for health observatory?

The observatory on human resources for health in Yemen is a network representing major health sector-wide stakeholders. The primary aim  of  the observatory is the evidence generation pertaining to HRH dynamics. It is being hosted by planning and development sector and operating under a coherent framework for policy dialogue designed to address and solve health workforce related pressing challenges and priorities. Conceptually, HRH national observatory is defined as a cooperative initiative among relevant stakeholders aimed at producing information and knowledge in order to improve human resource policy decisions as well as contributing to human resources development within the health sector. Thus, the observatory  is  in essence a human resource information system characterized by dynamicity and based on networking and stakeholders involvement and ownership

Goal of the Yemeni HRH observatory

Create a permanent national policy forum for effective and dynamic cooperation and harmonized coordination to collectively tackle and solve HRH issues based on evidence generation and informed decision making

Objectives of the observatory in Yemen

  • Establishing a national resource with reliable and up-to-date database pertaining to major dynamics of the health workforce in Yemen
  • .  Establishing a national platform for effective and coherent coordination among stakeholders for policy dialogue aimed at addressing and collectively solving HRH challenges.
  •  Promoting and using evidence for human resources informed planning and decision making.
  • Installing monitoring and evaluation system to track progress overtime according to HRH related baseline and benchmark indicators.
  • Sharing best lessons and experiences with regional and global HRH observatories.
  • Strengthening national capacity to produce well qualified and skilled health workforce cadres.

Functions of the observatory in Yemen

  • Managing, monitoring and updating national health workforce profile.
  •  Serving as a national reference and evidence-based policy analysis and carrying out case studies and research on HRH priorities.
  •  Producing, disseminating and publishing HRH related policy briefs and reports.
  •  Maintaining active communication and networking with regional and global partners.
  • Strengthening institutional and individual capacity on HRH policy, planning and management.
  • Maintaining up-to-date record on national compliance to pre-established density ratios and norms.

Benefits of the observatory in Yemen

  • Establish a comprehensive HRH country profile with dynamic updating
  •  Generate knowledge and evidence required for informed decision making and long term strategic planning and policy formulation
  •  Use national data in the HRH observatory to determine training needs and related resource allocation
  •  Use of HRH observatory for policy analysis and cost effective solutions to HRH challenges
  •  Maintain an active network for HRH regional and global sharing
  •  Enhance strategic thinking and governance role to boost HRH in Yeme

Structure of HRH Observatory



    Contact Us

    Yemen HRH Observatory

    Ministry of Public Health and Population

    Republic of Yemen – Sana’a- Al-Hasaba Zone

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